The Bee and Its Message

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.” Buddha.

I am that flower. 

Recently, my friend, Lezlie, and I were at Questhaven Retreat Center, a wonderful place created and run by Christian mystics, beautiful souls who walk the talk. In other words, they not only speak of love, and peace, and harmony, they live it in their actions and their offerings to the community. They offer pranic healing by love donation on the first Sunday of the month.

Lezlie and I had received pranic healing and were integrating in a quiet space overlooking a beautiful canyon with desert cactus, wildflowers and subtle colors amongst the fading green quickly turning into golden hills. A bee came to me, circling and circling. The trick taught to me by my childhood Portugese friend of swiping thumbs against fingers wasn’t working. I rose from my chair and the bee followed. Lezlie tried to intervene saying, “Oh come here, my little friend. I want you. I know she’s sweeter, but I like you more.” The bee did not listen and I took it as a sign it was time to leave.

A few days later I was back at Questhaven with a different friend who was visiting. He was on his quest taking a solo hike while I took a different path. The labyrinth called to me. I quietly set my intention to be of service on my lifepath and to remove any obstacles that might be in the way of that. Midway through the spiral inward, I felt a tickling sensation on my body. I looked down to see a bee attempting to burrow in the lower part of the side of my leg. It meant no harm, it simply thought I was a flower!

It dawned on me that days prior I was telling Lezlie whenever you see a totem it is a wise idea to verbally declare the acceptance of its energy. That will ensure you stop seeing it. Had I accepted the energy of the bee the first time around? No!

I swiped away at the messenger bee on my leg and laughed hysterically! “I accept your energy! Thank you! Thank you! I accept!” I affirmed verbally and through laughter.

Why would a bee mistake me for a flower? How am I like a flower? Then I remembered the quote by Buddha. “If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.” 

I must be a flower! If I could just see the miracle of who I am, my whole life will change. Or as Rev. Michael Beckwith says, “Stop trying to fix yourself, start to see yourself!”

A beautiful flower needs no fixing. A flower doesn’t ask to grow. A flower simply receives its nourishment from the elements around it, the Earth, the Sun, Water… A flower blooms where it is planted and simply is, allowing all who see it to enjoy its beauty. 

The Universe gave me the message in another way just in case I wasn't listening. A municipal pool is right across the street from me and you better believe I frequent it, especially now in the middle of summer. I take house keys, the $4 fee, my towel, water, and my nerdy wraparound sunglasses to keep out as much chlorine as possible. Like a tiger, I don't put my face in the water.  

A few days before the bee events, I was enjoying the pool and noticed a couple of young boys, aged 8-10, and their little sister, who looked to be about 5 or 6 years old. Those boys took such good care of their little sis. A woman swimming in the lane next to me stopped to say, "Aren't they just adorable?" I told her how they reminded me of my sweet brothers taking care of me at that age and how it turned me into a lifelong tomboy. She said, "Oh, but you're not a total tomboy." I agreed, "You're right. I'm part diva." Her response was swift and passionate, "Oh, you are total diva! That pink swimsuit, your skin tone, that hairstyle, those sunglasses! You are such a diva!" I was stunned by this stranger's assessment. Who, me? She just described a glamorpuss. That was my Mom, not me. Why did this woman see something I didn't see? 

The sunflower is my favorite flower. It's sunny, friendly looking, and symbolizes the balance of masculine and feminine energies. am I like a sunflower? I am bright, vibrant, and I lean towards the sun. Sunflowers bloom in mid-summer or early fall. I think it might be time to bloom! 

It may also be time to change my self-perception. I'm willing to do that. If the bee can see me as a flower, I can too. And I value the opinion of a stranger who sees the beauty in the sweet innocence of children. Who am I to argue with her perception of loveliness she sees in me?

And the bee totem? It’s a reminder to trust in miracles. Of course! 

Happy Summer! 


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